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Chaves Bakery Wholesale

Chaves Bakery is proud to extend its products outside of private retail locations to reach the masses all over Connecticut and throughout the tri-state area! Our products can be found in many of the big name grocery chains as well as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and even franchises such as Duchess fast food. We offer the best variety of breads available to our retailers including, French hot dog and hamburger buns, banquettes, Portuguese and Italian breads, assorted dinner rolls both hand and machine-made all offered in multi-grain or wheat production. No other bakery can compete with Chaves assortment of products for the same price and quality. Always delivered FRESH!

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Chaves has been working tirelessly since 1979 to make our name recognized for being reliable and convenient to all of our wholesalers, no matter the size of operation. We invest a lot of time into keeping a personal relationship to our customers and making sure satisfaction is never wavered. Our Bakery works into our customers schedule offering convenient delivery times backed with 24 hour emergency service, as well as scheduled special deliveries and second trips when necessary. Historically we have given our customers personal attention like no other bakery in Connecticut can offer. Whether you’re a big box store or a family owned and operated restaurant, Chaves will work with you to meet a mutually beneficial outcome to ensure both parties prosper.

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