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Chaves Bakery

Connecticut Bakery Owned & Operated Since 1979

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Family Owned & Operated

Chaves Bakery is a family owned and operated establishment with retail & wholesale locations throughout Connecticut. Chaves Bakery was founded by John Chaves Sr, a port native from the region of Tras Montes in Northern Portugal, and has been serving consumers high-quality breads and traditional Portuguese & Italian pastries since 1979.

John started a small mom-and-pop bakery in the heart of the hollow in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Since then, Chaves Bakery has grown into a semi-automated bread factory which utilizes modern-day technology. Chaves and his family have worked continuously to serve the community throughout Fairfield County with different retail locations.

Our History

For years, the bread market in Connecticut was overshadowed by out-of-state bakeries. Chaves has become one of the CT home grown businesses that can compete with the invaders and has liberated Connecticut establishments from the tentacles of the giants. Chaves serves Hos, Insti, School, and supermarkets that in turn save retailers and consumers low bread cost that saves In-Staters annually. In turn, Chaves provides Connecticut families with quality products and healthier bread for our children and families.

A Few Of Our Quality Products

Chaves Bakery is proud to be a family owned and operated bakery. All of our products are hand-crafted by highly-skilled bakers who produce quality food every time.